Special Products

Mission, Vision and Values

We strive toward better health for individuals and progress in medicine by developing superior pharmaceutical products.

Working closely with the medical profession, the Zensar Health care contributes to the health of individuals and to the progress of medicine by adhering to our mission of creating superior pharmaceutical products and offering top-quality services.

To more effectively achieve our goals and mission, we pledge to apply all our assets, both fiscal and intellectual, to realizing even greater possibilities with new pharmaceutical products, concentrating on our pharmaceuticals business, and enhancing the lives and health of individuals.

Zensar Health Care Aims to become:

* A multinational company, driven by research and development, which leads the world through its unique strengths.

* A company with highly integrated global operations.

* A company that meets the needs of people around the world through superior products and services.

* A company that grows together with its shareholders and other stakeholders while developing a strong identity as a good corporate citizen.

* An energetic company that attracts and retains well-qualified personnel from all over the world.

Our Mission

As members of the Zensar Health care, we will carry out our purpose to realize Zensar Health care mission and contribute to society by consciously putting into practice the following beliefs and principles.


Our Values 


We dedicate ourselves to the highest ethical standards.



We discover new potential, making the most of our ingenuity.



We pursue individual growth, always pushing ourselves further.



We act as a team, developing ties of mutual trust and respect.